Punch and Judy: Four Centuries of Fun

Taking Mr Punch to School


James has performed the Traditional Punch and Judy Show in almost every setting: stately homes, village greens, national museums, leading department stores and hundreds of schools. When coupled with an educational, but entertaining illustrated talk about the history of Mr Punch, from his time as a marionette, via the streets of London to the British Seaside it becomes a thrilling, informative and fun hour for all involved.

The children get to take a peek behind the scenes of a real Punch and Judy Show, learn the secret of Mr Punch's voice, and how professional puppets are made. As small hands are always eager to play there is a handling collection of historical and modern Punch and Judy puppets for the children to try to see if they have what it takes to become a "Professor".

These presentation for Key Stage 1 and 2 fit in with studies of The Victorians, The Edwardians, Entertainment, Childhood, Seaside Holidays of the Past, Puppets and Puppet Making and has proven to be a valued addition to the curriculum, increasing the childrens understanding of the topics in a fun way.

A pack of Teachers Notes, follow up work and photocopyable resources accompany each booking.

"The best hour we've had all term, and the best out of school visitor we've had all year. Thank you so much, the children loved it. And so did the teachers" Louise Mooney, Egham.

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James has advised, made puppets for and directed puppetry sequences for a number of productions at schools and colleges including RADA, Kings College London, RHUL and Eton. For further info please contact him.


Mr Punch and Punch and Judy Shows in School, Nursery and Play Groups, with many schools and colleges across the country booking James Arnott’s Traditional Punch and Judy Show to perform in the classroom for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 exploring Victorian Pastimes, Victorian Entertainment, Victorian Childhood, Traditional Toys, The Seaside, Seaside Holidays, Edwardian Seaside and Edwardian Childhood. James is CRB checked and insured through Equity.


Performing Punch and Judy in School and Punch and Judy in Schools in London, Surrey, Kent, Middlesex, Hampshire, Berkshire, Oxford and Cambridge.


James is London's Punch and Judy Man. To hire a Punch and Judy Man, or book a Punch and Judy man you've come to the right place.


You can always find a Punch and Judy Puppet Show or Hire a Punch and Judy Show here. James Arnott – London Punch and Judy Man UK