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PUNCH & JUDY: Traditional Street and Carnival EntertainmentJames Arnott Punch and Judy

James has performed his traditional Punch and Judy Show at all manner of outdoor events: village fetes and country fairs, school and agricultural fairs, stately homes and parks, beaches and the city streets. Whether you need a single or multiple shows, on its own or coupled with balloon modelling and magic James's Traditional Punch and Judy Show is bound to be a winner with adults and children alike.


Each show is tailored to the individual event, depending upon the bookers' requirements and the audiences at each performance. No two shows are the same, the level of interaction between the puppets and the audience is one of the key elements that keeps Punch and Judy alive, giving it a special place in the audiences' hearts, it is Coronation Street with the television screen removed!


The show is entirely self contained, with it's own amplification and can be sighted on hard or soft ground. 






Whatever the age, everyone loves a Punch and Judy Show

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James Arnott and London Towns famous Punch and Judy puppet shows.


We regularly perform shows in London, Kent, Greater London, Surrey, Oxford, Cambridge, Essex, Middlesex, Berkshire, Hampshire, Reading, Guilford and Brighton.


Punch and Hudy for fetes, fairs, garden parties, school events, shopping centres, garden centres, carnivals, fun fiars, fayres, garden parties/


James is London's Punch and Judy Man. To hire a Punch and Judy Man, or book a Punch and Judy man you've come to the right place.

You can always find a Punch and Judy Puppet Show or Hire a Punch and Judy Show here. James Arnott London Punch and Judy Man UK